My first weeks at school

It All Ends Here
My school maybe doesn’t look like Hogwarts – but this doesn’t lessen my excitement during the first weeks.
Image credits: Brett Kiger via Flickr

After my first weeks at school my head feels like exploding and it’s definitely time to use this Blog as intended – my personal “pensieve“, a reflective tool.

What I learnt about myself:

  • Asking a “good” question is much more difficult then expected. That’s definitely something I need to work on.
  • Another point to improve is my ability to “drive” the lesson forward.

What worked well:

  • The fact that I’m very familiar using IWB was very helpful, because I could concentrate on all the other things you need consider planning your first lessons.
  • I have two very experienced mentors, who are really supportive and made me feel comfortable in my new environment.

What I didn’t expect:

  • As far as I can see only a handful teachers out of 65 are using Facebook and I am the only one (so far) using Twitter.
  • The majority of teachers are keen to improve their work with IWB – the pure fact that they are installed just in so few rooms is thwarting them.
  • We actually have no budget at all to buy ICT or equipment for our physics laboratory. There’s no option then to buy stuff from your own money or improvise if possible. Everyone is looking for possibilities to get equipment for free, e.g. from closed schools. It actually feels like teachers need to dumpster diving – not the way it should be.

The change from university to school needs getting used to. At university I had a lot of freedom to try different things, a big range of ICT and small group of students. In school I have to follow the curriculum, the range of tools is limited (no Learning Management System, not much IWB, …) and there are often more then 25 students in one class – quite a difference.

I am not sure if I should use this Blog further to reflect my experiences at school or not. How do you manage the thin line between reflecting your own experiences and not to break official secrets or to annoy the persons you work with? Is a Blog really the right tool for that? Please share your experience (or thoughts) with me!

2 thoughts on “My first weeks at school

  1. These experiences are all very familiar to me. When I was at University I felt excited that we might need more specific stuffs. But now I would be happy to have a larger collection of physics. A reflection in a blog is not a bad idea. However, you should reflect on your work instead of pointing out the school’s details (secrets). In a reflection, anyway, it is useful for you to look at your own progress, examining if you break any rules.
    Good luck in the coming weeks.
    I look forward to your next blog entry.

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