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Same procedure as every year – my last minute #nurture1415 post.

harry potter quote
There will be a lot of choices next year for me. Image credits: Ella via Flickr


2014 is almost history and it’s time to reflect what happened this year – and look forward what 2015 will bring. Is there a better opportunity then writing the #nurture1415 post? If you follow this hashtag on Twitter you’ll see that this idea from @ChocoTzar has become a little tradition already – and the number of posts is growing fast!

What are these #nurture posts about? The idea is to write 14 things you did, experienced or were of importance to you in 2014. Then you add 15 things you’d like to do, change or that will challenge you in 2015.

As my spare time is very rare these days I’ll start straight away. The is no particular order in the following points!

  1. I survived one year as “Referendar” (I think “teacher in training” would be an adequate translation). Just half an year left now. Counting days already.
  2. I managed to build a little model boat – almost completely on our kitchen table. It is far form perfect but who cares?CIMG3560
  3. Became a “Smart Exemplary Educator” and maybe they regret the invitation already 😉 This program offers some great opportunities to connect with other experts and share problems and suggestions.
  4. Finished my PhD officially in March with publishing the dissertation as a book. But I rarely use the title although I know that this is nothing I need to hide.10014588_495765587194706_2018324939_n
  5. Wrote an article with René about using tablets for instant feedback in a well-known physics education journal.10550917_550051775099420_9142804259935763683_n
  6. Started the term trying to go paperless and doing lesson preparation and all the stuff digital – but need to recognize that I can’t do it all digital in one term.
  7. I lost a friend and a family member. Not necessary to write more. What stays is the feeling not having enough time for friends and family.
  8. Deleted lot of posts and reorganized the blog a little bit. It was a hard decision to do so, but due to some comments from colleagues (behind the back) and the fact that I’m still “in training” and highly depend from several people and organizations it was necessary.
  9. Learnt that “Followers” are exactly what the name says – and not “Friends”. Almost two month with no activity on Twitter – and nobody even noticed. Nothing that worries me – but it makes it a bit easier to “tune out” for a while without the feeling that I’m missing something.
  10. We did get the chance to walk into a an old addit/drift in from 1787 in my home village. They found silver there – although it wasn’t very much. Very narrow, wet and impressive.CIMG3156
  11. At September @_jauch and I hosted one of the #edchatde – summer specials about STEM. If you are on Twitter you should try the bilingual (German/English) education chat – more information can be found here.
  12. I did not mange to continue using or programming my Arduino. It still lies here, waiting for some code.
  13. Well I definitely learnt something about improvising. Standing alone in front of the class without being observed every minute feels liberating. A lot.
  14. Too much things have been seriously affected by trying to be “perfect” teacher and dad. Another year like 2014 would be not healthy.


And here are my 15 points for 2015:

  1. Keep on with student feedback / evaluation of my lessons. Surly one of the best things I’ve done 2014 and well worth another post.
  2. Getting in touch with my friends here and abroad. There are lot of mails (or even postcards?) to write.
  3. Finishing at least my self-made Christmas present: Another wooden remotely controlled boat called “Ramborator”.
  4. During my seminars I will count up to ten before I open my mouth. Completing this point would help a lot.
  5. Find time for myself. 2014 was self-destroying, at least I recognized it. There must be time for some activities on my one next year.
  6. Finishing all my final exams with “good” success. But honestly, to be graded on the basis of two lessons in each subject won’t tell me if I’m a good teacher or not.
  7. Completing the exams will bring the next challenge for 2015: Find a new school. Unfortunately it is very unlikely that I’ll be able to stay in my current school. Time for a new adventure!
  8. Writing in English is easier then to write in my own language weird, isn’t it? I hope to write a few more English posts 2015.
  9. Making holidays. Real holidays – not just free days giving you the chance to do even more for school.
  10. Don’t take myself too serious. Don’t take things pupils say too personal.
  11. Continue using student response systems. There is a lot potential to discover and students like it!2014-09-16 20.11.43
  12. Laugh more. After one of the last lesson observations the seminar leader says: “The atmosphere in your class is great. You’re very humours in your lessons – but you don’t give your students enough time to laugh [about your jokes].” Nothing to add here 🙂
  13. Writing comments. I read a lot of great blogs – but seldom leave a comment.
  14. Reading more books. Never ever before I read fever books then 2014. Not even listened to a lot of audio books.
  15. Reading my #nurture1415 post before I write my #nurture1516 one 😉

To make it very short: 2014 was a exiting and demanding year, the price was paid in health and nerves. 2015 will bring some changes and (hopefully) more personal freedom after completing my “on-the-job-training”.

P.S.: My English is getting worse as I can’t practice it anymore. If you find a failure – and I’m sure there are a lot – write me a message and I’ll correct it 🙂

Harry Potter – The Hall of Prophecy
If I could I’d like to see my prophecy for 2015 😉 Image credits: Thorsten Bonsch via Flickr