Homemade Advocaat for Christmas

You may have recognized that quite a few days have passed since my last post. And due to my last chaotic week – including a car crash, a few days without heating or warm water and so on … – I promised myself to pause blogging for a while and get into Christmas mood instead. So I decided to prepare part of my Christmas presents for my family – and because they all like homemade things I tried to make Advocaat myself.

After finishing I was so proud that I tweeted the result of the evening – nine bottles of Advocaat (or “Eierlikör” as we call it) as you can see here:

2012-12-14 21.44.35

Because my twitter-friend Digital Maverick asked for the recipe to share I promised to translate it and put it on the blog.

My English is quite limited and their may be special cooking vocabulary I’m not aware of – so please correct me if you find something that sounds strange to you 🙂

Receipt for Advocaat (you can find a German version here):

Ingredients (enough for approximately 1.1 l):
– 8 egg yolk
– 250 gr icing sugar
– 375 ml evaporated milk
– 1 pack vanilla sugar
– 250 ml Rum (54%)

How to made it:

  1. Beat and froth the eggs and the vanilla sugar, add slowly evaporated milk and icing sugar.
  2.  Add the Rum stirring. The amount may vary to your personal taste 😉
  3. Heat the liquid slowly in a water bath. Easiest way is to put one smaller pot into a bigger one.
  4. Stir it while heating till it is creamy and viscous – but it should not boil!!!
  5. Fill it into bottles while it is still warm – but not too full. Because the Advocaat gets a bit more solid by cooling down, you’ll maybe need a little space to add milk (or Rum) later to get it out of the bottle 🙂

The Advocaat is enjoyable for quiet a long time. It’s color  may become darker and the consistence more solid – but with no effect to it’s unique taste!

Let me know if you tried it – and have a nice pre-Christmas time!