Connecting Smart Notebook 11 with Dropbox

If you’re using the the Smart Notebook Software you are surly aware of the possibility to organise your content in the Gallery. If you’d like to share objects you created you can use the Smart Exchange platform – but be honest: How often are you doing this?

A few days ago I discovered a nice and easy way to share your gallery with other people. The biggest advantage: Set up once, it will automatically synchronize the gallery between all the people using it – without the need to upload/download something manually.

What you need to do:

  1. Create a folder in your Dropbox where all the files will be stored, like “Gallerie” in my case.
  2. Connect your Smart Notebook Software with Dropbox. Open the galleries tab, click the toolbox and choose “Connect to Team Content”. Chose the folder you created in step 1.!smart_notebook_1smart_notebook_2
  3. Reorganize your gallery, if needed. For example, I decided to drag all personal created content in the shared gallery while the “standard” content, coming with the software, stays where it was.smart_notebook_3
  4. Share your Dropbox folder with other persons or simple use it as a backup, everywhere and every time available. Another person (or yourself, if you use more than one PC) just need to open Smart Notebook and add team content the same way.

I think this could be very useful for this scenarios:

  • Using a gallery collaborative between different teachers and/or schools
  • Backup and everywhere available access to the gallery if needed.